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Daily Smartphone Surveys


Every six months we will ask you to use a smartphone app for 14 days to share details about your sleep, stress, pain, and any substances you use (including caffeine) that might impact your sleep. 


The app we are using is called mEMA (mobile Ecological Momentary Assessment). These instructions explain how to set up and use mEMA.


If you have any questions, please feel free to call us (859-562-0112) or email us (

How long is the study?

How long is the study?

partcipant device

Setup using your own device

Step 1:
  • Download and install the mEMA app

    • from the Apple App Store (if you have an Apple phone or tablet)

    • or from the Google Play Store (if you have an Android phone or tablet). 

  • In the Apple App Store, the app is titled “mEMA-Sense.” in the Google Play Store the app is titled “mEMA.” The Apple App Store profile is pictured below. 

Step 2:
  • Upon opening the app, it will ask you about several permissions for the app. Please allow all permissions for the app to be able to function properly. 

    • Note: the researchers will not be accessing any location information, however the app will need this, and all other permissions, to work correctly.

​​Step 3:
  • Enter your mobile code.

    • Depending on your device, you may be able to directly enter your code, or you may need to tap on the padlock icon to enter your mobile code.

  • This code will be provided to you by the researchers. If you do not have this code, please reach out to us by phone (859-562-0112) or by email at

  • On Android devices, after entering your code, select “Download Updates” to proceed. 

loaner device
Step 4:​
  • On Apple devices, after entering your code, you will be asked to “Enter New mEMA URL.” Please leave the URL as is and select “OK,” then confirm your entry by selecting “OK” again. 

Step 5:
  • From your home page, select “My Assessments” to view questionnaires assigned to you.

  • When you click on My Assessments you should see your Day 1 - Day 14 REST-KY assessments listed on your screen. 

  • Assessments will show a green plus sign (+) next to them when they are ready to complete.

  • You will receive a notification when your Day 1 survey is available. This will be scheduled based on the date and time that you discussed with our research team. 

  • Once your survey becomes available, you will have 12 hours to complete it. You will receive 3 reminders. Please try to complete these as close to the time you wake up as possible.

My Assessments.PNG
Step 6:
  • Touch the green plus sign (+) to complete an available assessment.  If you touch the task name or list icon instead of the plus sign you may receive an error message asking you to tap “Back.”

  • If you have a scheduled assessment, you will receive a notification informing you when it is time to complete the assessment.  

    • Selecting the notification or opening the app should automatically launch you into the assigned questionnaire, but if it does not, you are still able to access it by going to “My Assessments.” 

available assessment.jpg

Step 7:

Upon completion of the assessment, you will be taken back to the homepage and the information will auto-upload to the mEMA platform if your device is connected to the internet. 

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Setup using a loaner device

Return to Step 3

The loaner device you received will have the app pre-installed already when you receive it. 

Click on on the app icon below and follow the instructions from Step 3 above.

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mema icon.jpg

Returning your loaner device:

After you complete the final survey (Day 14) on your loaner device, you will need to return it to our team in the mail.

  • The loaner device should be sealed in the small blue padded envelope.

  • Place the padded envelope, device charger, (and tablet + charger if applicable) in the study box your materials came in.

  • Replace the packing pillows in the box, seal the box with the included strip of tape, and peel and stick the return shipping label over the top of the existing shipping label.

  • Drop the box off at your local post office or leave it with your local mail carrier. 

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