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Doctor's Appointment

Completing your Health Screening


The health screening will involve measuring the circumference of your neck and pricking your finger to collect a few drops of blood.

Measuring your Neck Circumference

The size of your neck circumference will help us understand your risk for sleep apnea. We will provide you with a tape measure and a card to record your measurement. 

Blood Sample

To measure your blood sugar and how well your immune system is functioning, you are being asked to prick your finger and collect a few drops of blood on a special collection card. After the blood sample dries, you will mail it and the neck circumference card back to the study team with the provided packaging.

This procedure is minimally invasive and is similar to home tests of blood sugar conducted by people with diabetes, and the heel stick that newborn babies throughout the United States receive. 

After we receive your test results we will contact you if anything suggests that you should follow up with your doctor for further screening.

Please see below for a step-by-step instructional video outlining how to collect your blood sample:

How long is the study?

How long is the study?

How long is the study?

Drying and Mailing Your Blood Sample 

How long is the study?

Reviewin Supplies

Reviewing the Supplies

Before you get started, please identify the following supplies that were sent to you in the mail.


  • Health Screening Supplies Kit: Contains a tape measure, neck circumference card, lancet (for pricking your finger), gauze, alcohol wipe, white Protein Saver collection card, a bandage, and desiccant packet

  • Bag of Extra Supplies: Contains an extra lancet, gauze, alcohol wipe, and a bandage (only use if needed)

  • Blue Padded Return Mailing Envelope 

  • Arrange materials from the Health Screening Supplies Kit on a paper towel preferably on a table with a chair for you to sit comfortably.

  • Open the cover of the white Protein Saver Card and lay it in the center of the paper towel. Be careful not to touch the filtration paper with five circles inside.



Inside the Health Screening Supplies Bag you will find a card labeled Measuring Your Neck Circumference that looks like the image below:



Use the tape measure included in your health screening kit to measure the circumference of your neck in centimeters (cm) following the instructions on the card. Record your measurement on the line on the card, and return this card to the bag with the barcode sticker (Health Screening Supplies Bag).



Finger Preparation:

  • Wash your hands with hot water and soap. Dry thoroughly.

  • Rub your hands together vigorously.

  • Extend your non-dominant arm toward the floor for 60 seconds and massage your forearm and hand to stimulate blood flow.

  • Take a seat in front of supplies.

  • Select site for fingerstick. It should be on the third or fourth finger of your non-dominant hand and away from the center.

  • Clean the site: Open the alcohol wipe and rub the selected fingertip. Allow to dry for 30 seconds.


Sticking Your Finger:

  • Twist and pull off the protective cap of the blue lancet. Place your hand palm up on the paper towel. Using your dominant hand, put the lancet on your selected site. Push down on the lancet until it clicks and the puncture is made. This may sting briefly.

Collecting the Blood Sample:

  • Set the lancet down. Pick up the gauze and wipe away the first drop of blood. Hold your finger over the filter paper card and allow one drop of blood to fall from your finger into the printed circle

  • A single full drop should fill each circle.

  • Do NOT allow multiple drops in a single circle. If one circle does not fill, move on to the next circle.

  • Do NOT touch the paper with your finger

  • Use your dominant hand to massage your forearm to help blood flow. Do not squeeze the puncture site.

  • Move to the next circle allow blood to fall until 3 circles are filled.

  • If you are unsure whether one or more drops are good, you can fill all 5 circles.


When 3 circles have filled with blood spots, use the gauze to wipe your fingertip and apply a bandage. The image below shows examples of ideal blood spots


If you are unable to fill 3 circles: a bag of extra supplies are provided. Please make a second fingerstick on a different finger and follow instructions from the Finger Preparation stage

  • Allow the tented card with your blood sample to dry overnight on the paper towel, away from direct sunlight.

  • Fully dried spots are dark red to rusty brown in color. 



  • When fully dry, close the cover of the collection card to protect the filter paper.

  • Find the bag labeled Health Screening Supplies Kit with the barcode sticker. 

  • Seal the following items inside the bag:

    1. Collection card with dried blood spots​

    2. Desiccant pouch to remove moisture from the air

    3. Completed neck circumference measurement card 

  • Seal the Health Screening Supplies Kit bag with the completed items in the blue return envelope. Postage has already been paid, so you can take this to your local post office or put it in your outgoing mail to be picked up by your postal carrier.

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Collecting the sample

Collecting your Blood Sample

Settng Up Supplies

Setting up Your Supplies

Neck Circumference
Drying and Mailing

Recording your Neck Circumference

Neck Circumference_edited.jpg

Drying and Mailing Your Blood Sample

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